TTB Engineering SA

Manufacturer of tool grinding machines


TTB Engineering is a machine manufacturer located near Lugano, Switzerland. We engineer and build High-Precision Tool Grinding Machines and application technology for tools in carbide, HSS and other materials in a diameter range from 0.02 to 16 mm.

Our customized solutions include special clamping systems, steady rests, shank-guiding units for the improvement of runout, vision unit for orientation of the blanks with Internal Coolant Holes, probing systems for grinding wheels, image processing for tool positioning, special measuring systems with laser or probe technology, assembly units for specific applications, loading units and more.


Company history

1983 - The Company Stream SA is founded
1986 - Model TGM 102 goes onto the market
1998 - The Company TTB Engineering SA is founded
1999 - Delivery of the 1st machine, model TGC equipped with a Fanuc Control
2003 - Delivery of the 1st machine, model TGC equipped with a Num Control
2007 - TTB Engineering SA becomes a member of the SAACKE GROUP, Pforzheim (DE)
2010 - Delivery of the 1st machine, model TTB Evolution
2015 - Presentation of the new Design of the model Evolution
2017 - Presentation of a new machine, model TTB Eclipse with a 6-axis Robot loader and E-Loader
2021 - Presentation of the model TTB Next